Superior Energy Efficiency

Exceptional performance: that’s good news for the planet and for your pocket.

Turn your home into a lean green energy-saving machine, by installing our PVCu windows and doors. We can help to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills in lots of clever ways. Our product range features multi chambered profiles and we can offer you the most advanced glass available. For the ultimate energy savings, why not opt for our Triple Glazed windows.

Top Environmental Credentials

Our products come top of the class when it comes to environmental credentials. They have been awarded an energy rating of up to A for maximum thermal efficiency.

Our products give you the best performance to lower your heating bills and to keep your home warm. Make sure you specify the best glass to save you money on your heating bills.

CE Marking

As from July 2013, windows and doors have to meet the requirements of CE Marking. It is against the law to not comply.

We were one of the first companies in the industry to carry out the necessary testing and to be able to provide the correct documentation. Lots of companies don’t currently comply. Buyer beware!

Buy from us to ensure that your windows and doors meet the latest safety and energy efficiency standards.

Thermal Ratings

By law your windows and doors have to meet strict thermal performance regulations. Rest assured that our products exceed all current requirements. We carry out simulations on our product range to ensure the best thermal performance; and according to current regulations we affix Thermal Rating labels to our product to show they comply. (Information correct as of July 2013, regulations and quality standards are constantly changing and are subject to continuous improvement)