Solar Panels

...we keep our prices low to maximise your return...
...earn up to £30,000 tax free over 20 years...

Our Solar Panels have become so popular that we have decided to give them their own brand, YellowSunSolar. It’s not surprising really, they have come down in price so much over the last few years, and are a really good investment, with guaranteed tax free income for 20 years and payback in as little as 6 years. We are so confident in Solar Panels that we have even powered our factory and head office with a 112kw solar array. Solar Panels aren’t just environmentally friendly, they are a great investment too.

Customer service
Our team is experienced, well trained and keen to help. To put it simply, we care and that makes a huge difference.

Our skilled technicians have carried out thousands of solar installations. We adhere to strict heath and safety guidelines and are independently audited to guarantee the consistent quality of our work. We will treat your home with care and respect.

Peace of mind
All our installations carry an insurance backed 10 year guarantee.

We promise to only use the highest quality materials to guarantee you the best return on your investment. Our technically advanced panels, ultra reliable inverters and quality components have been chosen to give you the best long term, hassle free income.

Value for money
We will never sell so cheaply that we have to compromise on quality. The key to protecting your investment and giving you the best long term return is striking the right balance to give you the best quality at the best price.



Why invest in solar panels?
You can benefit in three ways: 1. You are paid a set fee for every unit of electricity you generate, known as the “feed-in” tariff, regardless of whether you use it. 2. Any energy you use up to the amount you generate is free. 3. You get paid an export tariff for exporting energy back to the grid.

What are the maintenance costs of a solar PV system?
Solar PV systems require very little maintenance. In most circumstances rainfall will keep them clean.

If the feed in tariff changes after my installation will I lose money?
NO - the feed in tariff is fixed for 20 years from the date your application is approved. The rate actually increases year on year in line with the retail price index, which is currently 3.6%.

How long will the installation take?
Typically one day, but occasionally an installation may run into two days, especially in winter months.

How can I maximise the saving I make from my system?
Use as much electricity as possible during the day when your panels are producing energy. A 4kw system generates on average 3600kWh of energy per annum, the same as a typical household.

Will my system produce electricity on cloudy overcast days?
YES - it doesn’t rely on bright sunshine just daylight.

Do your prices include scaffolding?
Yes all of our prices are fully inclusive of everything that is required to get your system installed and commissioned; including the EPC and structural survey. There are no additional hidden costs.

My roof is not South facing can I still have a solar PV system?
YES - PV systems are very effective in almost all roof orientations. We are able to accurately forecast your systems performance based on the orientation and
pitch of your roof. You can even have panels on more than one elevation to maximise your return.