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Posted 7 July 2014
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Do you enjoy being able to just step outside and take in all the lovely characteristics of your garden? Well have you ever thought about having bi-fold doors installed? If you have or you want to find out more about these wonderful sliding doors, contact Launa Windows today. 

Bi-fold doors maximise the use of space and simply glide on top and bottom tracks making the opening and the closing of the doors really simple. These doors fold back nicely so the open space of the doors can really be taken in. If you enjoy being able to combine the outside with the in then bi-fold doors are definitely for you. It means access is simple for when you have a large number of people round, without the annoyance of having to keep opening a single door, bi-fold doors can be from 2/3 panes up to 6 and fold in either direction to make sliding the doors open and closed easier for you. 

Sitting in the kitchen for an evening meal in the summer with the bi-fold doors open allows you to enjoy the outdoors whilst you are inside with the summer breeze coming through the doors and the chance for you to maximise the use of space. 

At Launa Windows we understand the importance of space and we always take this into account when we install bi-fold doors to your home. You can completely transform your living space with the use of bi-fold doors available from Launa Windows. To find out more, give us a call on 0800 117777 for a free consultation today. 


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