Glass Options

There are literally thousands of different glass specifications to choose from; whether you are looking for enhanced thermal efficiency, security, sound insulation, privacy, fire resistance, heat or glare reduction etc. Our product development team has put a lot of time into researching the most innovative solutions available and our advisors have been trained to give you sound advice.

Not only will we advise you on the best glazing solution, but with us you can be sure that you also get what you have paid for. One of the largest sealed unit manufacturers in the UK recently told us that 30% of all glass ordered with them doesn’t even meet 2001 Building Regulations requirements. It is a statement of fact that lots of companies sell ‘A’ rated energy efficient windows but only supply the customer with ‘E’ rated cheaper equivalents; this is also widely reported with customers being sold expensive conservatory roof glass, only to be given basic specification, standard glass.

Acoustic performance

We offer a range of solutions to reduce noise depending on your specific requirements. Noise is typically measured with Decibel Ratings (DB). Ask your sales advisor for a comparison chart.


Toughened glass can be a cost effective way to enhance security. Laminated glass is even stronger, but is more costly.


Toughened glass is stronger and safer than normal glass. When it breaks it shatters into tiny fragments as opposed to dangerous shards of glass. We fit toughened glass as standard on all doors and windows below 800mm from floor height.

Thermal performance

We can offer you ‘A’ rated and triple glazed windows, featuring the most technically superior glass available today, with U Values as low as 0.8.

Self cleaning glass - how does it work?

Self cleaning glass, has a titanium dioxide coating, which makes the glass very flat, this makes it harder for dirt to stick and causes water to sheet down and clean the glass. UV filters integrated within the surface coating, break down organic dirt such as bird droppings which enables it to be washed away (hydrophilic action).

Sun reflection/Heat retention

Various coatings can be added to the glass to reflect direct sunlight, reduce glare and retain valuable heat, this is very popular with conservatory roofs. There are numerous options depending on your budget and requirements.


Our range of obscure glass offers you varying levels of privacy and a choice of designs.

These are the eight most popular choices.