Decorative Glass

Launa Windows offers a various range of glass options, from standard Georgian bars, bevelled, leaded and stained glass to a brand new custom creation for the customer that is a one off design. Please see below some of the available options from Launa Windows; the range is as wide as your imagination will go.

Georgian bar
Georgian or Astragal Bars can be used to give the appearance of Georgian style windows. Giving your home both a traditional and stylish look.

Leaded glass
We offer a wide range of stylish shapes and designs for leaded glass windows. From the more common diamond and square patterns to intricate designs. Choose from a traditional lead or a sophisticated gold finish.

Stains and bevels
Choose from a wide range that includes both traditional motifs and contemporary styles. If you have a design in mind or would like a copy of your existing stained glass windows why not take advantage of our bespoke service.

Window borders
Make your home stand out from the rest. Unique and stylish window borders can be created using Georgian bars, leaded glass, stained glass and bevelled glass.