Choosing the perfect conservatory to extend your home can be a daunting task; we’re here to guide you through the process to ensure that you end up with the best result. Our innovative products will give you the best long term return on your investment and enable you to use your conservatory all year round.

Our choice of traditional and contemporary designs and our range of colours, finishes and styles is simply second to none. If you need advice, just ask. Our consultants will be delighted to create a design sympathetic to your property, your living requirements and, of course, budget.

We’ve worked hard on product development to expand the choices available to you. Recent innovations include: A choice of 10 different colours, such as Chartwell Green, Cream and Rustic Cherry. Roof options with significantly improved heat reflection and thermal insulation, insulated tiled roof conservatories and self cleaning roof glass. Heating options include air conditioning and underfloor heating. You can even opt for bi-fold doors stretching the entire front of the conservatory.

Things to consider…

1. Usage
What do you want to use your conservatory for?

2. Budget
It’s important that you have an idea of budget so that we can design your conservatory to give you best value for money. Our pricing is fair and honest, so if your budget allows we can design you something really special.

3. Size
Don’t skimp on size, that extra few meters doesn’t cost much more and will give you a more usable space.

4. Positioning
The orientation of your conservatory will determine the most appropriate roof material and ventilation. Our advisors will be happy to give you advice on this.

5. Style
By visiting your home we can make an assessment of site limitations, provide solutions and help you through the process of choosing the most suitable style for you and your home.

6. Materials
It’s vital that you choose the right roof materials and the right side frame glass to give you maximum enjoyment throughout the year.

7. Planning permission
Planning laws have recently been relaxed, which means that in most cases you have more freedom to choose what you want. Make sure you make us aware of local planning restrictions and any local knowledge you have on ground conditions etc. If in doubt it’s better to be safe than sorry and seek advice.

8. Cavity trays
Adding a conservatory effectively makes your outside wall an internal one. Opt for a cavity tray to prevent damp from above seeping through brickwork or render and entering the conservatory.

Popular Styles

Most conservatories are made up of four main styles, Lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian and Gable. These styles can be adjusted and combined to make all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes. For example, they can all be hipped at the back to overcome height restrictions or adjoin a bungalow.